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The remainder of the methodology remains the same, i. Details e.

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There have been at least 43 murders in Trinidad for the month of January. The data presented below was collected and compiled from the online editions of the following news sites: The Guardian, LoopTT, Express and Newsday. During the month of January, these websites were checked periodically and reports of murders were recorded.

3 more killed in south Trinidad

Your statistics are misleading. There are 6 murders that have been ascribed to Arima that actually occured in Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation. They are 3 on Demerarra rd on Jan There are 3 more that occured in Pinto Rd on January 6. These areas are in TPRC. Do your geography. Hello, thank you for leaving a comment.

At the start of my article I clearly stated where my data, inclusive of geography, was obtained from, i. Have you reached out to them to indicate that their reporting is erroneous as it relates to the Arima murders, and that they should do their geography?

Email is not always the best way to communicate as it may come across the wrong way. Happy to have a call with you as I genuinely appreciate your opinion, but I will not be removing my disclaimer. Unlike the media — the source of my data and subsequent reports — I do not have dedicated reporters, time, budgets, et cetera. Are you suggesting that I adopt an absolutist position, i. Furthermore, if media organizations themselves cannot get it right, or consistentshould they stop reporting?

Are you and Franklin also taking the media to task for their inaccuracies and inconsistencies? I look forward to your responses. My voice is just one, and for anyone to just listen to one voice, and to trust it as the gospel or the truth, makes no sense to me. The former is hard work, the latter is very easy to do. I respect your decision either way. If anything, your awareness of their weakness puts a greater onus on you to seek better sources to verify, such as the police crime stats.

And what exactly are we to take away from this stand alone information? Or even the past 12 months? If not why this January? And this year? Did the killings in TT touch you in particular way this year or is it because there are elections this year?

Including using the names of the deceased to reopen wounds that their families and loved ones are trying to heal? So what exactly is the purpose behind this? Why emphasise it to this degree? Thank you for your comment.

January was my starting point for continuous collection and publishing for Trinidad. That may be the case in the minds of some people, however, that is the methodology that I have chosen for my research. Given that I am the researcher, as opposed to someone else such as yourselfI decide what the methodology is and I state it upfront. My methodology relies heavily, and exclusively, on media reports.

Indeed I have, and I have made it clear to persons reading the blog why I have taken that approach due to lack of resources and where my data sources are from the media.Criminal activity in Trinidad and Tobago is a controversial topic on the two islands. Gang Murders and murders rose every year from to Approximately people were murdered inthe highest number ever. In January Trinidad recorded 40 killings in the month. Nearly murders per year were recorded in In and inthe number of murders have crossed according to the official police statistics with recording the second highest number of murders in the country's history.

Port of Spain and its immediate environs have a higher crime rate than any other part of Trinidad. Homicides countrywide rose from fewer than 50 in the s, to 97 inthen to in 30 murders perpersons. It rose to approximately in but decreased in the following years. A not common explanation is that the outbreak in murders is due to drugs and gang related issues, especially in the depressed communities of East Port of Spain. Some researchers, while acknowledging the connections between gangs and violence in the area, argue that the role of illegal drugs has been overstated.

The police administration has responded by improving the working conditions of officers, increasing the use of forensic evidence and surveillance technology CCTV cameras as well as hiring overseas experts.

Reports of kidnappings for ransom which were on the rise a few years ago have declined dramatically since Laventille has some of the highest crime rates in Trinidad and Tobago, with drugs, gangs, and murders being the main problem in this community.

murders in trinidad 2020

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved May 13, Trinidad Express. June 24, Archived from the original on September 13, The Economist. March 20, Dollar currency Telecommunications Transportation. Outline Index.

murders in trinidad 2020

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murders in trinidad 2020

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Outline Index Book Category Portal.The Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps track of the total number of homicides that occur every year. The reports are often published in the late fall of the following year. So, the FBI Criminal Report in terms of the murder rates by state for was published and released for public viewing in September of The reports detailing the homicide rates by state for the previous year of have not yet been compiled, but you can expect to read the data for in the fall of All that said, the murder rates per state in are as follows.

Note that each data point reflects the number of people who were murdered in a given state perpeople.

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The murder rates by state in are in the table below. The United States experienced one of the lowest murder rates by state in a given year back in To see how the most recent calculations of the murder rates by states in America, take a look at these values below. They represent the murder rates by state inand you can see the way that murder rates have heightened between and Louisiana has the highest murder rate in the U. Murders were more than twice as common in Louisiana as they were nationwide.

Murders are disproportionately concentrated in urban areas, especially New Orleans. New Orleans has a murder rate of about 37 perresidents, one of the highest of any U.

Alabama has the second-highest murder rate of This is also more than twice the rate nationwide. In Alabama, Birmingham has the most gun violence and, therefore, the highest murder rate of Fairfield, Anniston, Pritchard, and Troy are other cities with the highest murder rates in Alabama. Mississippi has the third-highest murder rate in the United States. According to the latest FBI data, Jackson had the most murders in of 78, which is a murder rate of 47 murders perresidents.

Brookhaven has the highest murder rate in the state of Missouri has the fourth-highest murder rate of Louis and Kansas City are two of the most dangerous cities in the United States. InSt. Louis had murders and Kansas City had Alaska has the fifth-highest murder rate in the U. Alaska has the highest violent crime rate of any state of incidents perresidents. The most dangerous city in Alaska is Anchoragewhere the violent crime rate is 1, perresidents and 27 people were murdered in North Dakota had a total of 15 murder deaths in The state also has the 14th lowest violent crime rate in the country and the ninth-lowest incarceration rate.

The state is generally one of the safest; however, it has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Vermont also had only 15 murder deaths in With the second-lowest violent crime rate in the country of New Hampshire had a total of 17 murders in New Hampshire has the fourth-fewest assaults per capita and is considered to be the sixth-safest state in the U.

New Hampshire also has the third-lowest violent crime rate in the country of Department of State. The current U. Overall Crime and Safety Situation. The U. Embassy in Port of Spain does not assume responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms appearing in this report.

The American Citizen Services unit ACS cannot recommend a particular individual or establishment and assumes no responsibility for the quality of services provided.

There is serious risk from crime in Port of Spain. Crime is the principal threat to visitors; most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Guests at hotels have reported the theft of items from their rooms.

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While not common, robberies and petty theft can occur during daylight hours. Do not physically resist any robbery attempt. Statistics show that victims who resist are more likely to be injured or killed by their attackers. Violent crime remains a major concern for local security services and the general population. Drug trafficking and gang-related activities continue to fuel the demand for illegal weapons. According to TTPS statistics, there were murders nationwide inafter inininand inin a population of approximately 1.

The numbers represent an increase of 4. The detection rate for murder was Gang and drug-related activities continue to drive the murder rate. Sincemurders have been more widespread; previously, most concentrated in a few urban areas. Inthe Northern Division, which includes Arima and Tunapuna, reported the highest number of murders, at View all posts by fatherlessboy.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Home Contact. Man knifed to death: 4th killing in one day Jan 19, 35 min ago Central Division police are investigating a stabbing death in Longdenville.

The deceased was identified as year-old Clint Edwards of Gopaul Avenue. The suspect has surrendered to police. The incident occurred along Lamont Street, Longdenville, at around 4pm on Saturday. Police said the men, who were friends, were seen arguing on the roadway. There was a struggle and someone pulled out a knife. Police said both men were stabbed in the fight. Edwards, however, was stabbed in the neck and collapsed on the roadway. Residents who heard the loud voices ran out and pulled the men apart.

Edwards was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility, where he died while undergoing treatment. The suspect walked into the Longdenville police post and gave himself up. He was also treated at the health facility and released into police custody. An autopsy would be performed on Monday. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by fatherlessboy. Published Jan 20, Previous Post Previous Post. Next Post Next Post.THREE brutal murders in south TT, including the decapitation of a man, have now taken the murder toll to 27 for the year.

On Sunday afternoon at about 3 pm, Mc Donald was standing to the side of the roadway when a car pulled up in front of him. Reports said three men came out of the car, armed with guns. Eyewitnesses said Mc Donald tried to run but the men followed him and began shooting.

His stepmother Deann Ansola, 57, who lives nearby, said she received a telephone call from her friend who told her stepson was shot and killed and his body was lying in the middle of the road.

Ansola said her stepson worked in Claxton Bay with a man selling batteries.

This Caribbean Country Has Had 73 Murders In 45 Days

Crime in this country just keeps getting worse every day. This is a young man who had children. Ansola said every day she turned on the television "is always some killing and now look it has hit home.

Almost seven hours earlier, at Monty Street in Marabella, King, also called "Stiffy" was found dead near his home. Residents reported hearing gunshots before they found King's body lying in a track, covered in blood. On Saturday night, two hunters stumbled upon the headless body of a man in the Santa Flora forest. Police said the body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, was clad in a blue coverall.

Investigators said the discovery was made about 8. They believe the man was decapitated and his body dumped in the forest. Police are asking members of the public with missing relatives to contact the nearest police station. The bodies of all three men were ordered to the Forensic Science Centre. Up to Sunday night, police were questioning several people to gather clues to solve the murders.

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Jada Loutoo. BC Pires. Clint Chan Tack. Shane Superville.

murders in trinidad 2020

Ken Chee Hing. Elizabeth Gonzales. Ryan Hamilton-Davis.The most common type of violent crime is murder. Whether murder is self-inflicted, homicidal, or accidental, murder rates around the world vary greatly by country. Several factors contribute to lower murder rates and overall crime rates.

These include the wealth of a nation, effective law enforcement, strict weapons regulations, severity of punishments for committing murder and more. According to the Global Study on Homicide published by the United Nations,people died from violent crimes inmore than armed combat and terrorism combined. The report states that countries with high firearm rates tend to have higher intentional homicide rates.

Additionally, organized crime accounts for a. The murder rate is the number of murders perpeople.

Crime in Trinidad and Tobago

According to the UN, the ten countries with the highest homicide rates are:. El Salvador has the highest homicide rate of Luckily, homicides in El Salvador have fallen for the past three years. By identifying these, countries will be able to adopt policies that will indirectly help reduce their homicide rates. There are several countries, however, that have exceptionally low homicide rates.

The ten countries with the lowest murder rates are:. A majority of the countries with the lowest homicide rates are located in Asia. Japan, which has the lowest murder rate in the world of 0. Obtaining a firearm involves a very lengthy application process, and murder is punishable by hanging.

Murder Rate By Country The most common type of violent crime is murder. Additionally, organized crime accounts for a The murder rate is the number of murders perpeople. According to the UN, the ten countries with the highest homicide rates are: El Salvador The ten countries with the lowest murder rates are: Japan 0.

Murder Rate By Country by Population Source: Intentional homicides perpeople. Intentional homicides perpeople. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines.

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